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Though not all shows give awards, many of them do, and we have been fortunate enough to earn a fair number of them! Below is a listing of some of them. One thing I must say though, is that we never judge the success of a show on whether we win an award or not – after all, that is based on the subjective opinion of a few, and sometimes even only one, person. (And many shows do not even give awards, for that matter.) Rather, we judge our success on how we are received by the public at that show, and of course, on our sales!

Under the Oaks Art Festival (3/7/14 – Vero Beach, FL)

Uptown Art Fair  (8/3/13 – Minneapolis, MN)

Tarpon Springs Fine Arts Festival  (Tarpon Springs, FL)

Georgetown Art in the Park  (Greater Austin, TX)

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival  (Orlando area, FL)

4 Bridges Arts Festival  (Chattanooga, TN)