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Neena: I think my husband and I make a good team. He’s the artist part – the “maker of the jewelry” and I’m the business part – the one who does all the applications, logistics, and basically everything else that allows him to just go into his studio at the beginning of every day with a clear mind and just CREATE! I love doing the shows – (okay, maybe not the “putting up the tent and tearing it down” part!) because Patricio gets to do what he loves, which is actually create the jewelry, and I get to do what I love, which is organize everything and talk to people! So, if you ever call, or e-mail, most likely I will be the one you’ll be talking to! Those of you who have already met us at the shows know that Patricio really isn’t that much of a talker, and, well – uh – I am!! What can I say – it’s easy to talk about his pieces when I think they are so gorgeous! … Read About Patricio