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Our Guarantee

Patricio is a stickler for detail, and we are very confident of the craftsmanship of each of his pieces, and thus are happy and proud to offer you a guarantee that is very rare in the jewelry business –-our guarantee for any of our pieces is basically two-fold:

  1. If anything ever happens to a piece that is OUR fault, we will repair it for you at no cost. For example, if one of the accent diamonds we use in most of our pieces were to fall out, or a pearl were to come loose, we would replace it free. We are also happy to clean and polish up your piece for you at no charge when you feel it needs it.
  2. If anything ever happens to a piece that if NOT our fault, we will still repair it for you as inexpensively as possible. For example, if you crack your stone, we will search for a replacement stone for you, reset it, and charge you only for our cost on the stone itself.

Of course, we ask you to use common sense in taking care of your jewelry – check it from time-to-time to make sure all the stones are still tight (it is normal for them to loosen a bit with wear), and don’t wear it if you are doing something very “heavy-duty” or involving chemicals. Depending on the design or stone in your ring, we suggest you take it off when washing dishes as it is easy to knock your stone against something underwater that could crack it. And obviously, especially if it is a very expensive piece, it is always a good idea to insure your fine jewelry.

Our desire is always that you will be wearing and enjoying the pieces you purchase from us, and we will always do whatever we can to make sure you are doing that!